Acts 15:18 - "Known unto God are all His works from the beginning of the world."

Do you have questions to which popular belief can’t provide satisfactory answers? The above verse tells us that all of God’s works are known unto Him from the beginning. Popular belief has told you that most that have ever lived will forever be separated from God. Why would God create a world, knowing from the beginning that He would lose it? Does God have the power to save it? Does He want to save it? If so, why can’t He save it? These are questions that demand satisfactory answers.

This fellowship was founded by people that asked and sought out answers to the hard questions. The answers gave us rest for our souls and joy that is full and complete. What we found was the peace of God that’s beyond understanding. Our motivation to serve God shifted from fear to love. The bondage of sin and the condemnation of religion were lifted.

If this is what you seek you can find it here. Because the truth will make you free!



Join us for service every Sunday at 11:00 AM!

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