What are these verses telling us?

All flesh will come to God. Psalms 65:2-4 

Gods enemies shall submit themselves unto Him and all the earth shall worship Him. Ps 66:3-4

Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall swear. Isa 45:23

Jesus took away the sin of the world. John1:29

Jesus will draw all men unto Himself. John12:32

In Adam all condemned, in Christ all made righteous. Romans 5:15-21    

In Adam all die, in Christ all made alive. 1 Corinthians 15:22 

God will be all in all. 1Cor.15:28

Christ reconciled the world to God. 2Cor.5:18,19

Christ made peace and reconciled all things back to God. Col.1:20 

God will have all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. 1Tim.2:4

All will know God. Hebrews 8:11-12 

All of creation seen praising Jesus. Rev 5:13

Look them up for yourself.

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